SENTIENT forms part of a fashion industry that is in turmoil because of historically unethical and unsustainable practices that have led to environmental and natural-resource depletion, cruelty to animals and human rights violations through production processes. SENTIENT was born to disrupt these practices.

We cannot and should not describe ourselves as sustainable - there is still so much work and investment needed to reach that point, both as an individual and independent brand and as part of a larger industry in need of meaningful change. Truthfully, most of the activities through our supply chain still have consequences on our natural world. Instead, we proclaim commitment to sustainability through manufacturing processes that promote fair pay for decent work, responsible use of natural resources, contributing to climate action by lowering CO2 emissions through diverse partnerships detailed in our For Earth section.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)* are the guiding principles behind our operations and targets so that we can be part of building an industry that is sustainable. SENTIENT values fashion as a pillar of modern culture - one that tenders the tools for self-expression and unity. The planet, as well as the humans and animals that share it, deserve to see a fashion industry that fosters a purposeful today and a prosperous tomorrow.


Working in partnership with local workshops, artisans and independent businesses, we strive to guarantee the creation of decent jobs and the promotion of sustained and inclusive economic growth within communities.


With your support, we are able to foster innovation by carefully selecting and investing our efforts in companies and textile providers that are promoting and undergoing constant research so that fashion becomes a way to express ourselves and our style, without harm and without compromise.


We seek to promote efficient and responsible forms of production without causing a destructive impact to the natural world. We avoid textiles and materials that are resource intensive, unsustainable use of water or apply solvents and chemicals that pollute bodies of water and are harmful for human health.


In order to operate, produce and bring fashion to your doorstep, SENTIENT generates a carbon footprint. Unfortunately, we still cannot ensure that our pieces are produced with clean and renewable energies.

Together with our shipping and logistic partners, we are working to offset the carbon footprint generated through shipments. Visit to find out more.

Our efforts to preserve and restore ecosystems also have the intention to sequestrate greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change.


Leaving out any animal derived inputs and products helps us battle the deterioration and loss of the Earth’s biodiversity. We also donate a percentage of our total sales to Naturalia, who is dedicated to restoring vital ecosystems and protecting wildlife.