Materials are the silent storytellers in every single design, whispering tales of craftsmanship, resilience, and creativity. They are the threads that bind us to our surroundings, and remind us of the value behind natural resources that breathe life and forge the opportunities for the present and the future. At SENTIENT, we honor the significance of these elements, infusing each creation with a subversion that transcends the tangible.


Together with our partners, we are working to offset our carbon footprint by using animal-free, bio-based leather alternatives, shipping mindfully, and creating each piece with water, land, and energy  conservation in mind. Although today, we are not carbon-neutral, we're working towards it.


From sourcing the materials to creating our unique designs, we’re constantly studying plant-based materials and selecting the ones with the best sustainability credentials. Materials are chosen if they use the least amount of water and natural resources possible and use the least amount of chemicals that pollute water bodies and harm human health.


Behind every SENTIENT bag, there’s a powerful network of artists, craftspeople, and experts making each design a beautiful reality.  Through living wages and decent working conditions, we create more opportunities for local craftspeople that promote sustained and inclusive economic growth within their communities.


We launched our Panthera collection in partnership with a  conservation organization called Naturalia A.C. For every purchase of a Panthera product, we donate a portion of our proceeds to Naturalia which fund the protection and conservation of the majestic Mexican jaguar (like the one to your left) and its natural habitat in Northern Mexico. We’re proud that our work with Naturalia means we’re part of 1% for the Planet, an organization that certifies brands like SENTIENT who donate 1% of their annual sales towards environmental organizations.


Our North Star in our efforts to become an all-around ethical and more sustainable brand stems from the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are committed to 5 SDGs which include gender equality, life on land, decent work & inclusive economic growth. These are the guiding principles behind our operations and targets so that we can play our part in building a fashion industry that’s more sustainable and responsible. 


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