The PANTHERA Tote is made from MIRUM®.

A true sustainable innovation: MIRUM® is 100% natural & 100% bio-based & bioneutral. MIRUM® is the first material of its kind designed to be 100% naturally circular: it can return to the earth as nutrients for future growth at the end of its life.
It is made of cork, charcoal, coconut husk, soybean oil and natural rubber, ingredients that are then combined and shaped into sheets and pressed onto a natural fabric backer out of GOTS-certified cotton. It completely avoids any use of plastics, and emits 10x less CO2 than traditional chrome tanned leather.

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The PANTHERA Collection is produced in a workshop in the City of Guadalajara, Mexico that has specialized in the production of handbags and other accessories for more than 25 years. The first part of the production process relates to sampling and patterns, which brings the product to life. The production lies in the hands of a team of less than seven people, led by Pedro and Óscar, the production managers. The production of this handbag is highly dependent on the skills and knowledge of local artisans and most of the production processes are handmade.

At the moment we are not able to ensure a production powered by renewable and clean energy. It is a trade-off that we accept in order to produce in a family-owned local workshop that promotes decent work and observes living wages for all employees, addressing one of our fundamental values.


Our PANTHERA Collection has been created in partnership with Naturalia, a Mexican environmental non-profit organization that has created a network of natural reserves in northern Mexico to protect natural habitats and ensure the survival of the northern Mexican jaguar.

Through your purchases, SENTIENT can continue supporting Naturalia in order to conserve Mexico’s and the world’s natural strongholds in order to mitigate climate change, guarantee the survival of species in risk of extinction, ensure fresh water and air, among other benefits that ecosystems provide us with.

Please visit our For Earth section for more information. We’re on a mission to protect ecosystems and wildlife, thank you for supporting and joining us!

Together with our shipping and logistic partners, we are working to offset the carbon footprint generated through shipments. Visit Pachama site to find out more.