SENTIENT is a proud member of 1% For The Planet, a global alliance of organizations working to protect and preserve natural environments around the world. Through our membership we have selected Naturalia as our partner to implement our commitment to the conservation, protection and restoration of ecosystems and wildlife.

We created the PANTHERA accessory collection to raise awareness and support the efforts that Naturalia undertakes to preserve the Mexican northern jaguar. The PANTHERA tote and mini are named after the feline’s scientific name: panthera onca. For every bag purchased we will donate 10 % of our proceeds. With your help, Naturalia will expand the reserve protecting the territory where jaguars and other species live.

Alongside Naturalia, SENTIENT has also participated in planting more than 1200 trees in Sierra de Guadalupe, a natural habitat located in the midst of the urban peripheries of Mexico City. Sierra de Guadalupe has unfortunately suffered the loss of an important portion of its territory in the last decades, due to the expansion of the urban sprawl of Mexico City. Collective efforts promoted by Naturalia are now fostering the restoration of this ecological gem.

What is happening to the northern jaguar in Mexico?

of the original jaguar population in Mexico has disappeared.

jaguars inhabited at the beginning of the 20th c.

specimens left in the entire country by now.

the time we have to save the jaguar in Mexico.

hectares have been destined for conservation in Mexico.

What if the jaguar disappears?

The jaguar is the top predator or super predator in the ecosystems it inhabits.

Its permanent "threat" force prey animals to constantly migrate allowing the regeneration of vegetation.

Bodies of fresh water will be lost, and soil erosion will worsen if the jaguar disapear.