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sen·tient | sen(t)SH(ē)ənt/


  1. Capable of feeling and perceiving through the senses.
  2. The ability of any entity to have subjective perceptual experiencies.

SENTIENT is a ready-to-wear and accessories brand built to inspire compassion, unity and peace by offering better alternatives to leather products.
We are committed to sustainability through practices that are mindful of the present and future wellbeing of humans, animals, and the planet.

Behind the creation of every SENTIENT piece there is a powerful network of artists, craftspeople, and experts making each design a reality. Together, we are developing new ways to infuse the world with vegan and more sustainable alternatives to animal leather products.

We believe that there’s a better way to express ourselves and our style, without harm and without compromise and overproduction.

Although it may be a familiar word for us since it reflects the soul of our brand, we know that SENTIENT is still an unknown word for many, so we wanted to give you more information about what this extraordinary word means!