SENTIENT is not only a new fashion house nor the novel idea of inventive marketing.  It is the true and vivid reflection of the principles and convictions of its founder: Jimena Suárez.  In SENTIENT, Jimena has poured her deep conviction that we as human beings do not own the planet nor the animals with whom we share it temporarily.  Her philosophy in life has been that all living beings deserve respect and to be free of abuse, mistreatment or restrictions of their innate liberties.

Jimena is a product of a multinational and multicultural education. She graduated as a lawyer in Mexico City and continued her graduate work at the University of California, Berkeley, focusing her legal studies on sustainable development and environmental justice.  Jimena is a fervent and active defender of animal rights.  It is based on this firm conviction that animals deserve to live free of abuse that SENTIENT was conceived. Thus, all the materials are free of any animal derived ingredients. 

Jimena’s commitment is also to be part of the solution and build a fashion industry that is environmentally responsible and sustainable, that understands the importance of the health and the very survival of the Earth.