SENTIENT upholds the union formed by the shared ability to feel and perceive pain and pleasure among humans and non-human animals. Our soul is driven by the need to spread the message that animals deserve our care and respect, hence no animal is hurt or abused in the making of our products. We also know that the Biosphere and its immensely rich ecosystems provide the resources that make it possible for us to live on Earth. As a result, our commitment is to protect and preserve them.

We take in depth search in the precedence and characteristics of all materials and textiles used – they are all vegan, ecologically certified and sustainable.


The Nanna & Aten 20/21 collections are made from cactus vegan leather. This vegan leather is partially biodegradable. It’s flexible, breathable, and lasts for at least 10 years. Cactus requires much less water than others. Its presence aids local biodiversity, and no trees were harmed or cut down to plan the cacti required to make the leather. Cactus is a natural carbon sink, it has a great CO2 sequestering capacity.  The plantation where this leather comes from absorbs a total 8,100 tons of CO2/year while at the farm only 15.30 tons of CO2 annually are generated.

Furthermore, the cactus (nopal in Spanish) is representative of our native land: Mexico. Since pre-Hispanic times, the cactus has been part of our diet, so it makes sense that the fibers in the leather you will wear come from a plant that is also enjoyed as food and, as a result, its production is a closed cycle that reduces waste. Two industries can co-exist with a single crop!