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SENTIENT’s Manifesto of Existence. 

  • Animals are capable of perceiving emotions so they deserve to be treated with respect and live a life free of abuse and exploitation.

  • Fashion is a space for creativity, innovation, beauty of all kinds and self-expression so no cruelty should be performed in its name.

  • Local workshops built on talent and dedication deserve to thrive and preserve their artisanal knowledge. 

  • Sustainable development is the compass for present and future initiatives.

  • Inclusivity must be at the heart of our economic growth.

  • Appreciation of talent and potential is what fuels prosperity. 

  • Fashion is a pillar of modern culture and proof that creativity promotes peace and unity.

  • Physical differences are nothing but a path to a more profound connection through the soul.

  • The Earth’s biosphere keeps us safe and alive - we were born to honor it.

  • Compassion is humanity’s greatest task - it is the light in the dark.