About Old


Welcome to SENTIENT! We are a fashion house created with the mission to inspire a world where cruelty and exploitation no longer have a place and build one where kindness and compassion towards human and non-human animals prove to be the norm. SENTIENT represents the idea that we as humans share this planet with other species - that we have fought for centuries for our most basic human rights, and now it is time to share those values with the other species capable of perceiving pain and pleasure, just as we are. We believe that all of us sentient beings are bound by the soul.

SENTIENT also forms part of the global commitment to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are immersed in a biosphere that supports our very life on this planet, thus the ecosystems conforming this rich biosphere are worth fighting for every day. As a result, we carefully supervise the different steps that are needed to bring fashion to your doorstep. We select the most ecofriendly materials with the intention of minimizing our impact on our beautiful planet, sustainably using our planet’s resources, and creating better working conditions for those that participate in the production of garments and accessories that we so much enjoy. 

Thank you for joining us on our mission!