Peace Building: A Purpose Within Each of Us

Peace Building: A Purpose Within Each of Us

By Juan Pablo Alvarez

Throughout history, there have been different definitions of peace. Most of them have circled around laying down arms and, in general, have been related to ending wars. Peace, however, is all encompassing - it influences the personal, interpersonal and societal levels. Its presence or absence determines the road ahead for humanity.

Peace entails a more profound set of personal and collective ideals and conventions. Peace yields emotional, psychological and physical integrity in human beings. In contexts of peace we can all flourish, see beyond our differences to find a common denominator that lies in our shared humanity. As a result, we can build solutions and tackle the obstacles that we face, regardless of anyone’s location on the planet. For example, climate change, resource depletion, food scarcity, among others. We need each other, and there is no better reminder than the International Day of Peace.

SENTIENT is dedicated to raising awareness on the importance of peace and unity among human beings - we sincerely believe that every person on the planet has a part to play in fostering peace. Every name we ideate for our products strives to allude to concepts of peace, thus the creation of the Haven and Nimbus Trench Coats, our Liberty Shorts and Halo Hoodie, to provide a few examples. The intention is to infuse our customers with feelings of security, harmony, tranquility and contentment.

Reading the news around the world, and being subjected to the images of global turmoil can easily lead us to feelings of despair. We also often feel overwhelmed. There is, however, enormous opportunity for service and purpose within the turbulence. It is vital then to begin within ourselves, by nurturing emotions and thoughts fueled by harmony, compassion, and generally freeing ourselves from oppressive thoughts.

Let’s never forget, our humanity is our common ground and we are all #BoundByTheSoul through our presence on this astounding planet.